Our experts


Alexandra Julien

Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Engineering & Manufacturing , TechnologyPresidentTaflink Group - part of the Reed Group

Alexandra is an experienced recruitment consultant in the IT and healthcare industries. Driven by her passion for sustainable business, she takes pride in providing the best placements possible. As a sustainable recruitment consultant, her goals include, matching corporate responsible companies with the best talents within her diverse candidates’ pipeline.​Alexandra’s passion for recruitmen...

George Ayebah

Supply Chain & LogisticsPresidentElidel International - part of the Reed Group

George gained several years experience in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and organizational development, working with a focus on tech enablement in the staffing industry. He specialises in the recruitment of professionals in the logistics and supply chain sector, working with domestic and international companies ranging from independent transport providers to large multinational companie...

Phillip Kentish

Healthcare, TechnologyPresidentHello Talent - part of the Reed Group

Phillip is a very passionate and driven professional with more than 20 years of staffing experience. For the past three years, his focus has been in the life science and healthcare sector, for which he placed candidates in entry level roles such as LPN, to mid-level roles such as RN and even advanced and executive roles such as surgeons, directors, and administrators. A contributing factor to P...